The Fibrespace Story – built on a passion for craft

Your one-stop creative wool and knitting shop in New Zealand.

A tough battle with breast cancer left Valerie with a desire to create.

She would frequent the local wool shop in Te Awamutu to gather ideas and supplies to make her dreams a reality.

One day, she was shocked and upset to see her beloved little store was closing down.

“This just will not do!” she said to herself and decided she will rescue the little wool shop from disappearing out of the main street of the Rose Town.

She recruited her daughter and together they created a space for crafters to connect and create their masterpieces.

Join the family and help support your local community by shopping at FibreSpace.


Born in the Heart of Te Awamutu – now Online-Only in Christchurch!

FibreSpace was on the main street in Te Awamutu for almost 40 years!

And while Valerie was no longer able to operate the store, her daughter carried on the legacy, moving the stock to Christchurch.

In June 2020, the shop became 100% online, so it could focus on offering the best possible shopping experience.

The Fibrespace team process orders quickly and accurately, couriered by Post Haste, within 2-3 working days!

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