Five Last minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Yarn Lovers

Last-minute halloween costumes for yarn lovers

Halloween is here again and the kids (and grandkids, or maybe just big kids) are looking forward to trick-or-treating.

But costumes are expensive, and they’re all the same… right?

Lucky for you, my fellow craft enthusiasts, you can create something unique pretty quickly if you want to.

We’ve scoured Etsy for the best halloween costume ideas, knitting patterns and fun projects to tear you away from your summer shawl project (sorry, not sorry.)

All links go to the pattern on Etsy where you can download them as PDF to your computer or tablet, and then print off if you wish. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to pop in or give us a call.

Princess Crochet Tiaraprincess crochet tiara pattern

A lot of girls (and boys?) dream of being princesses one day – this crocheted crown can be customised however you like, with buttons and beads! Let your little one be a princess any day, with a crown you can wash!

Get the pattern, here.

Worsted (10ply) weight yarn 
4.5 mm crochet hook
Buttons, beads, pipe cleaners, etc. for embellishments (we’re sure you have some hanging around your craft bag!)

Stiches used:
Chain stitch
single crochet
double crochet
slip stitch to join.

Spiderweb Summer Throw-over

spiderweb knitting halloween pattern costumeSometimes, you want a splash of fun without going full-blown costume-party winner extraordinaire. If so, this Spiderweb shawl is the perfect accessory. This is less of a costume and more of a cool extra detail.

Download the pattern here.

Medium (10ply) weight yarn
Crochet Hook: 4.5mm

Stitches used:
ch – chain stitch
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
sl st – slip stitch
Tr-treble (triple) crochet


Newborn Buzzy Bee Costume

Buzzy Bee Baby Halloween CostumeEveryone knows babies are the cutest to photograph, so how about creating this adorable bumble-bee costume so they don’t get left out this Halloween?

Download the pattern here.

This is a beginner level pattern and is partially knit in the round. This pattern does call for 1/4″ tubing (can be found in your local hardware store) or a stiff, thick, wire of some sort.


Medusa’s Head Of Snakes


Chances are, you have a green-ish or black dress in your wardrobe. Pair it with this knitted head of snakes and you’re the most evil witch in New Zealand.

Get the pattern, here.

At least 3 skeins of yarn are needed but it won’t use all of them. This could be a good stash-reducing project for anyone with a green palette. A non-animal fibre in a worsted (10ply) weight could also be substituted.

Pebbles Flintstone Crochet Hair

Pebbles Flintstone hair crochet pattern

All you need to travel back to the stoneage is a green top/dress (use a Sharpie to draw dots or triangles all over it) and this super easy crocheted wig. Adorable!

Get the pattern, here.

The pattern is 15 pages long and has 50+ color pictures with details along with step by step instructions. I would call this a beginner pattern.

You will need to have a basic understanding of the following terms: DC, HDC, ST, SL ST, TR and CH.

Oh, and a worsted/10ply yarn.


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